Successful First Ever Nepali Food Festival in Australia

April 8, 2017 Belmore Park, Haymarket

The night of April 7, all preparations (not quite!) were complete and it was past 3 am when we all headed home. Up at 5am, we were at work already. We were worried and anxious the day wouldn’t open up bright. But it did. One by one, the stalls began to take shapes.

As the day progressed, we started seeing more people. And the park that was empty in the morning was full of people. Food stalls were all set up! Food aroma began to engulf the surrounding. By 12pm, there were food plates on people’s hands and they were eating with much joy.

Thank you all savouring 2017 edition of Tasting Nepal – Nepalese Food Festival.

Are you looking out for next one 2018 edition, then please stay tune!

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